Met de opbrengsten uit de Vastenvoettocht steunen we via Sister Mary sinds 2018 Ceicilia. Zij studeerde Physics aan het Stella Maris College in Chennai en nadien een Bachelor in Education aan het Stella Matutina College, eveneens in de hoofdstad van Tamil Nadu. Haar droom was immers om lerares te worden.

Door de steun die ze van Vanakam vzw ontving, kan ze die droom nu waarmaken. Dit schreef ze ons in een recente brief:

Good Afternoon Uncle,

How’s everything? I’m doing good by god’s grace. 

For the first year of my college, I  was a little scared because everything was quite new. Later, I started to adapt to the situation and gained confidence. In every semester, there is one major subject paper and 3 general papers which involved Education in the olden days, teaching methodologies, childhood psychology, and so on. Due to heavy rain, we got holidays during the first semester. Classes and exams were in virtual mode. I got scored 72℅ in the first semester. 

I was back to regular classes in the second semester. I learned about classroom management, time management skills, curriculum, knowledge, assessments, and so on. After a week of study holidays, I had my second-semester exams without leave in between the exams. I got scored 75℅ in the second semester. Till June I had my second semester. 

After a month of leave, I was back in college for my third semester. Till the mid-week of August, I was in college. I got a lot of instructions for the training and about the files I have to write during my training period. Around four months, I went for training in school. I’ve done my teacher training in a Government higher secondary school, which is located within a 5km radius of our college. In 3rd semester, we are not having exams. Instead of that, we’ll be having a viva voce. The questions will be asked based on the records and files we are submitting. About 18 records we are gonna submit on that day. I had a great time with the students. They are so enthusiastic. Everything was new when I entered the school but with the help of the staff members, I improved my skills. I learnt about teamwork, leadership skills, and so on. Along with the students, I updated my knowledge. I’ve done different kinds of teaching aids for my students like charts, flashcards, matching boards, and some activities during class hours. After the training period, within one month I completed and got signed all the files and records.  Due to the NAAC process, we didn’t have our viva voce at that time.

Currently, I’m in my fourth semester. This semester’s papers are not like the other papers we already studied. This semester I was learning about how to handle special children and the connection between gender, school, and society; the third is an optional paper, that, we can choose according to our interests. I chose Heath and Physical Education and the fourth is our major paper. For now, I had completed my internal exams. Model exams, Viva voce, and semester exams are yet to come. 

Coming 26th I am gonna have my Viva Voce. On that day, the external examiner will come and check my teaching competency and the records and files I’ve submitted. Tentatively, the management has announced the model and semester exam starting dates. According to that, April 29th will be my model exam and May 10 will be my semester exam. Around the 20th of May, I’ll be completing this course. 

Overall, I learned how to be an efficient teacher, and how to handle students. I had a lifetime experience during these two years. I am sure I have half of the qualities of a teacher. Before completion, I’ll improve myself and become an effective teacher. 

After completing the course, I am planning to go for a coaching class to prepare for the Government exams. 

At last, I’m blessed with what I’m becoming. Day by day I’m learning new things about the teaching profession. 

I’ll pray for your good health and well-being.

Thank you